Holmes Lectures

2022 Ruth Carlos, MD, MS, FACR, Journals: Netflix or Blockbuster: My Journey to JACR Editorship

2021 Katherine P. Andriole, PhD: Artificial Intelligence: Nuts & Bolts of Machine Learning for Medical Imaging

2020 John A. Kaufman, MD, MS, FSIR, FAHA, FCIRSE, EBIR: IVC Filters: Little Devices With Big Issues

2019 Julia Fielding, MD: The Adnexal Mass: What Test is Best?

2018 Janie Lee, MD, MSc: Risk models to Guide Risk-Based Breast Cancer Screening

2017 Clark West, MD: Difficult upper extremity fractures

2016 Jay Heiken, M.D, FACR.: LI-RADS and the Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Paradigm for the Future of Oncologic Imaging

2015 Donald P. Frush, M.D.: Evidence-based Pediatric Body CT Technique: The “Answer” Depends on the Approach

2014 Felix S. Chew, M.D.: Pitfalls in Musculoskeletal Imaging

2013 Leonard Berlin, M.D., FACR: The Radiologic Report-Referring Physician-Patient Chain of Communication: Good Patient Care When Intact, Disaster When Broken

2012 James A. Brink, M.D., FACR: Minimizing Radiation Dose for Effective Medical Imaging: Efforts of the Image Wisely Campaign

2011 Scott W. Atlas, M.D.: Advances in MRI of the Brain

2010 Laurie Loevner, M.D.: Head and Neck Cancer

2009 James G. Smirniotopoulos, M.D.: Tuberous Sclerosis, Sturge-Weber, and von Hippel Syndromes

2008 Andy Adam, M.B., B.S., FRCP, FRCS,FRCR, FFRRCSI: Interventional Radiology: Veni, Vedi, Vanished

2007 Hedvig Hricak, M.D., PhD: Prostate MRI

2006 Elliott Fishman, M.D.: Volumetric Imaging 2006: 64 and Beyond

2005 William G. Bradley, M.D., PhD, FACR: MRI Over the Next Decade: Quo Vadis?

2004 James H. Thrall, M.D.: Crossing the Digital Divide

2003 Donald L. Resnick, M.D.: Degenerative Diseases of the Spine

2002 Robert Stanley, M.D.: Inherent Dangers in Radiologic Screening

2001 Stephen Swensen, M.D.: CT Screening for Common Causes of Death

2000 Peter Cooperberg, M.D.: Is It Real or Is It Artifact?

1999 Michael Dake, M.D.: A New Understanding of Aortic Dissection: Insights from Imaging and Endovascular Interventional Radiology

1998 Richard L. Baron, M.D.: Cirrhosis: Issues, Problems and Answers for Imaging

1997 Patricia E. Burrows, M.D.: Pediatric Vascular Anomalies: Diagnosis and Treatment

1996 E. Stephen Amis, Jr., M.D.: An Overview of Prostate Cancer

1995 Lee Rogers, M.D.: Evaluation of Athletes and the Athletically Inclined

1994 Charles Higgins, M.D.: Functional Evaluation of the Cardiovascular System

1993 Emile Balthazar, M.D.: CT of the Acute Abdomen

1992 Ernest J. Ferris, M.D.: Pulmonary Thromboembolism and Deep Venous Thrombosis. Comments on Diagnosis and Therapy

1991 Fred Lee, M.D.: Transrectal US and Pathology Correlation Stage A and Stage B Prostate Cancer

1990 Bruce J. Hillman, M.D.: Whose Turf is Imaging? Independent Practice, Academics and Research, visit blue spruce maids.

1989 Robert R. Hattery, M.D.: The Role of Information Transport (Voice, Data and Video) in Consultative Diagnostic Imaging

1988 Robert G. Fraser, M.D.: Scanned Projection Digital Radiography of the Chest: Past, Present and Future, check important source.

1987 Joseph Ferrucci, Jr., M.D.: MRI of the Liver

1986 John A. Kirkpatrick, Jr., M.D.: The Adolescent & Adult with Pediatric Pulmonary Disease

1985 Stanley Baum, M.D.: Cardiovascular Imaging Techniques

1984 William Martel, M.D.: Skeletal Hyperostoses

1983 Henry I. Goldberg, M.D.: Comparison CT and NMR Imaging in Evaluation of Benign and Malignant Disease

1982 Melvin M. Figley, M.D.: Publication Radiology – Unmet Challenges

1981 Joseph Ferrucci, M.D.: New Concepts in Biliary Obstruction: Clinical and Physiological Correlation

1980 William H. Northway, M.D.: An Approach to Radiologic Diagnosis in the Newborn Infant

1979 Martin W. Donner, M.D.: Radiologic Aspects of Hiatus Hernia, Gastroesophageal Reflux, and Esophagitis

1978 Edward B. Singleton, M.D.: The Radiologic Recognition of the Complication During Intensive Care of Premature Infants

1977 Alexander R. Margulis, M.D.: Use of Water Soluble Contrast in the GI Tract Today: When and How

1976 Harry Z. Mellins, M.D.: The Clinical Challenge of Nephrography

1975 Harold G. Jacobson, M.D.: The Hand – A Radiological Mirror

1974 Henry S. Kaplan, M.D.: Role of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in the Management of the Cancer Patient

1973 John A. Campbell, M.D.: Radiology and the Citizen

1972 Shields Warren, M.D.: Main in a Radioactive Element

1971 Herbert L. Abrams, M.D.: The Current Status of Coronary Arteriography

1970 Milton Elkin, M.D.: Vascular Fistulae of the Kidney

1969 Lucy F. Squire, M.D.: Radiology for Medical Students

1968 Russell H. Morgan, M.D.: The Emergence of Radiology as a Major Influence in Academic and Community Medicine

1967 Edward B. D. Neuhauser, M.D.: Gargolyes and Such – Some Comments on the Hunter-Burler Syndromes

1966 Felix G. Fleischner, M.D.: Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism and Chronic Cor Pulmonale

1965 Harold O. Peterson, M.D.: Roentgen Examination of the Intervertebral Disc, 1935 to 1965

1964 Magnus I. Smedal, M.D.: Observations on Clinical Reactions to Megavolt Radiation

1963 John C. Trump, M.D.: Radiation for Therapy in Retrospect and Prospect

1962 Richard Schatzki, M.D.: Fate of the Bearer of a Lower Esophageal Ring

1961 Hugh M. Wilson, M.D.: Some Recent Developments in Roentgen Technique

1960 J. Stauffer Lehman, M.D.: The Uptown Jungle of Coronary Arteriography

1959 Leo G. Rigler, M.D.: The Place of Radiology in Medical Education

1958 Patrick F. Butler, M.D.: The Radiologist in Court

1957 Frederick W. O’Brien, M.D.: The Atomic Age and Radiology

1956 Laurence L. Robbins, M.D.: The Radiologist Faces Automation

1955 Fred J. Hodges, M.D.: Current Potentialities of Cardiovascular Radiology

1954 Ross Golden, M.D.: Neoplasms of the Small Intestine

1953 Edith H. Quimby, M.D.: Diagnostic Uses of Radioactive Isotopes

1952 Alexander S. MacMillan, Sr., M.D.: The Roentgen Examination of the Larynx

1951 Byrl R. Kirklin, M.D.: Some Problems in the Education and Training of Radiologists

1950 Ralph S. Bromer, M.D.: Giant Cell Tumor of the Bone

1949 John D. Camp, M.D.: Contrast Myelography

1948 Eugene P. Pendergrass, M.D.: The Roentgen Diagnosis of Meningiomas of the Head

1947 Merrill C. Sosman, M.D.: Pituitary Adenoma

1946 Arthur C. Christie, M.D.: The First Fifty Years of Radiology

1945 George W. Holmes, M.D.: Therapeutic Radiology