November 2016 – Chest Radiology

Course Director: Kevin Chang, MD

Evaluation and Management of Subsolid Pulmonary Nodules

Milena Petranovic, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Lung Cancer Mimics

Saurabh Agarwal, MD, Brown University

Cardiac Trauma

Santiago Restrepo, MD, University of Texas, San Antiono

Panel of Unknown Cases

Terrance Healy, MD, Brown University

A radiologist is a physician who has undergone specialised training in using complex radiology equipment to obtain medical images. The training also involves interpreting the images in order to diagnose medical problems in the patient. In radiology, images are obtained with the use of X-rays such as CT, radiographs and fluoroscopy. Images can also be obtained by using radioactive substances, sound waves or MRI. Go to

The job of every physician is to examine patients, get their medical histories, diagnose their medical problem and prescribe treatment. In the US, 1.2 percent of physicians are in the area of radiology. The job duties of radiologists also involve treating diseases by means of radiation and interventional radiology.

Just like all the other healthcare providers and physicians, radiologists must also have graduated from a reputable and accredited medical school. Obtaining an MD degree is essential. Moreover, home cleaning services must have also passed a licensure examination, completed his internship of one year and completed four years of his medical education in radiology which is also known as residency, find more.

Once a radiology student has completed his residency, they can sub-specialize into any areas of radiology by entering a fellowship program yorleny’s cleaning service. Radiologists are board certified which means that they have passed the required examination and have been approved to practice in the radiology field.