In 2019, the New England Roentgen Ray Society will celebrate the 100th year of its founding. In honor of this celebration, radiologists throughout New England have made donations in honor of the wonderful mentors you see listed below.

The “$100 for 100” campaign and website supports our Society into its next 100 years by emphasizing the ties that bind us together: the assistance, teaching, mentorship, and guidance that support the transformation of inexperienced residents into confident radiologists.

Thanks to everyone who honored their mentor with a donation!

Gerald Abbott, MD (honored x 2)
Piran Aliabadi, MD
Carol Benson, MD
Michael Bettman, MD
Barbara Carter, MD
John Cronan, MD (honored x 2)
Harte Crow, MD
Hugh Curtin, MD (honored x 2)
Peter Doubilet, MD
Jack Dreyfuss, MD
Alice Ettinger, MD
Alan Greenfield (in memorium)
Ferris Hall, MD
Robert Harris, MD
Lloyd Hawes, MD
Robert Isler, MD
Murray Janower, MD (honored x 2)
Robert Jeffrey, MD (in memorium)
Daniel B Kopans, MD (honored x 2)
Phillis J. Kornguth, PhD, MD
Ewa Kuligowska-Noble, MD, FACR
Janet B. Mack (in memorium, honored x 2)
Martha Mainiero, MD (honored x 3)
William W. Mayo-Smith, MD (honored x 3)
Theresa McLoud, MD (honored x 3)
Harry Mellins, MD
Peter R. Mueller, MD
Helene Nagy, MD (in memorium)
Jason Pietryga, MD
Etta Pisano, MD
Vassilios Raptopoulos, MD
Jeffrey M. Rogg, MD
Max Rosen, MD
Dushyant Sahani, MD
Pamela Schaefer, MD
Richard Schatzki, MD (in memorium)
Francis J. Scholz, MD
Avi Shapiro, MD
Jerome Shapiro, MD (in memorium)
JoAnne Shepard, MD
Michael Shortsleeve, MD (honored x2)
Joseph Simeone, MD
Stacy E. Smith, MD
Julie Song, MD
Jorge Soto, MD
Peter Spiegel, MD
George Taylor, MD
Jim Thrall, MD
Glenn Tung, MD
Alfred Weber, MD (honored x 2)
Amir Zamani, MD

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