In 2019, the New England Roentgen Ray Society will celebrate the 100th year of its founding. In honor of this celebration, we are launching the “$100 for 100” campaign. We ask you to donate $100 to the society in honor of a New England Radiologist who was important in your development.

  • Did you have a favorite teacher in your New England residency program?
  • Was there someone who inspired your decision to become a radiologist?
  • Did you have a mentor in a New England radiology department who nurtured your career?

The “$100 for 100” campaign supports our Society into its next 100 years by emphasizing the ties that bind us together: the assistance, teaching, mentorship, and guidance that support the transformation of inexperienced residents into confident radiologists.

Join us by honoring those who assisted you on your journey!

Avi Shapiro
Glenn Tung, MD
Hugh Curtin, MD
Hugh Curtin, MD
In memory of Janet B. Mack (late wife)
In memory of Janet B. Mack (late wife)
Jeffrey M. Rogg, MD
Jim Thrall
John Cronan
Julie Song
Lloyd Hawes
Martha Mainiero
Martha Mainiero
Pamela Schaefer, MD
Peter R. Mueller
Phyllis J. Kornguth, PhD, MD
Piran Aliabadi, MD
Robert Isler, MD
Vassilios Raptopoulos
Willam W. Mayo-Smith, MD
William W Mayo-Smith